The Causes of Dry Skin

Cara-Mengatasi-Kulit-Kering-Dan-kusamThe Causes of Dry Skin on Face | Many people ask about the causes of dry skin without understanding it first. Actually, the health of skin lies on the water concentration in skin since it supports the moisture of your skin and it is an important thing. Without that factor, the epidermal layer will not work optimally to protect your skin. The sunlight also brings negative effect to your skin.

You now feel that the dry skin is a problem of your skin that must be solved. When it happens, it will affect your appearance. Before you look for the ways to solve dry skin on face, you need to read this.

You need to understand factors causing dry skin, as follows:

1. Outdoor activity when the temperature is too hot or cold and pollution.
2. Too much stress and sensitive skin on the unsuitable use of cosmetics and skin treatment, such as washing face too frequently with soap containing detergent
3. Too frequent exposure on sunlight The skin around face tends to thinner in long-term; this condition can bring negative effects, such as black spots and dry skin.
4. Bad habit of drinking alcohol, smoking, drinking caffeine, and drugs disturbing the hormonal balance in the body.
5. The lack of understanding on consuming vitamin A, omega 3, zinc, and B vitamin complex simultaneously nourishing skin and protecting skin structure
6. The illness causing the decrease of body liquid (diarrhoea, vomiting, etc.).
7. Hypothyroid; a condition in which the thyroid gland processes little hormone and reduces the production of sweat and oil. As the result, skin becomes dull and dry.
8. Ageing process making skin drier. It is caused by the decreasing activity of sebaceous glands, causing the cells move more slowly from bottom to above skin surface. Not surprisingly, without the support of suitable facial treatment, skin becomes dull and rough.

While reading this article, you must wonder how to solve dry skin. Here are tips on how to solve dry skin.

1. Choose soap with a good composition as moisturizer. The soap for body cannot be used for face. Many people usually do this mistake. You should know that the skin on your body is different with skin of your face. Soap usually has detergent and it can cause dry skin. Information to get facial soap for dry skin can be (found here).

2. Consider the suitable nutrition on your diet. Avoid consuming food by prioritizing quantity. Just prioritize the quality of food you eat. Choose vegetables with beta-carotene and fruits with water to consume frequently, so it can give nutrition required by skin.

3. Taking a bath with warm water too frequently is not a good habit for your skin since it is the cause of dry skin.

4. Drinking enough water frequently by consuming 8 litre of water every day gradually or in one day. The lack of water in body will cause dehydration. Always avoid drinks with soda, alcohol, or caffeine since they are not really useful to supply water for your body.

5. Avoid too much stress; try to make your body relaxed. Stress will make blood flow in body hampered and it will give bad effect to skin moisture.

6. Use moisturizing product and soft skin treatment for face with complete nutrition. To get information about product for dry skin, you can (click here).