The causes of comedo

getty_rf_photo_of_open_and_closed_comedones_diagramThe Causes of Comedo in general are the health problems of skin, affecting the appearance of structure of our facial skin. To cure it, do not press or scratch comedo. Basically, you must know the types of comedo and the causes of comedo on your face. It is recommended to read this article before you cure your comedo on face, so you can avoid wrong method of treatment in curing the problem. The types of comedo are as follows:

open comedo (blackhead)
closed comedo (whitehead)
The open comedo (blackhead) looks like expanding black pores (the black part hampers the pores and it colour changes by the oxidation with weather).

The closed comedo (whitehead), it has certain characteristics that are different from blackhead; it is usually the structure of prominent white spot inside facial skin. The whitehead only appears on nose, cheek, and forehead. This type of comedo is more difficult to cure since it is under the epithelium of your facial skin. There is growing skin layer on the clogged pores, so the small white bumps under skin are formed. If you know types of comedo affecting your skin, it will be easier to cure the comedo with more focused way.

The causes of comedo are often dead cell skins and excessive sebaceous glands on skin. It happens when you do not clean your facial skin frequently, so the dead skin cells are collected and the oil on skin surface covers the skin cells and makes them clogged. Cosmetics and product for hair treatment with oil can make it worse. Do you want to know how to solve comedo on face? (click here).