Solve Wrinkle and Panda Eyes

Solve Your Skin Problem Around Eyes Correctly!

Nowadays, there are so many creams for eyes distributed in which it can solve the wrinkle around eyes and soft lines on eyelids. The wrinkle and black circle on eyes are usually called panda eyes. However, the majority of people assume that cream for eye is almost similar with moisturizer or lotion with the function to moisturize the skin. Many people also assume that this product is more expensive than the moisturizer in general. Is this assumption correct?


According to the beauty expert, Patricia Farris MD, a professor in Tulane University, School of Medicine in Web MD Magazine, “Eye cream is formulated only for soft skin around eyes, so the texture of this cream tends to be thicker. This cream contains more oil than facial cream and various active formulas. It is designed to solve the problems of skin around eyes.”

Skin around eyes tends to be more sensitive on the reaction of sweat from body and it changes more quickly by age and fatigue. The constant eye movement also accelerates the forming of wrinkle and lines and collects the liquid under eyes; that is the cause of panda eyes (eye circle on eye). The eye cream is actually useful to solve these problems. This article is about the problem of wrinkle around eyes that makes women restless. It is a sign that you need treatment with eye cream.

The soft wrinkles can appear due to the damage of skin layer around the eyes by sunlight exposure and lack of collagen along with the ageing process. Collagen is the formula to maintain elasticity and to treat skin. A study on benefit of beauty products stated that vitamin C, peptide, retinol, caramide, and hyaluronic acid can improve collagen production. That formula also prevents the loss of water on skin and improves the elasticity.

The black circle around eyes is usually affected by genetic factor, damage by sunlight exposure, age, and increase of red blood cells in body. The sodium ascorbate or vitamin C can thicken skin and hide the black circle in about 6 months of the use of eye gel cream.
Niacinamide or vitamin B3 and kojic acid can reduce black circle.

The current research from the science of beauty found that the natural plant producing Porphyridium Cruentum Extract with many benefits to solve black circle on eye and wrinkle around eye can also moisturize with vitamin C and B3 for skin and increase collagen production in skin.

The swelling on eye can be caused by the accumulation of liquid and blood around eye; some studies show that caffeine can support the blood circulation and reduce the swelling. Another study stated that low temperature is more effective to solve that problem. Therefore, some people store eye cream in the refrigerator to make it cold before use.

If you have problem and signs that make you must treat your eyes, you should ensure that the product you buy has ingredients and formula informed in this article. We will happily recommend the best product for you, use DR Rochelle Ultimate Power Eye Gel, (click here) that can help you solve skin problems around eyes.