How to Cure Acne

How to Cure Acne on Face | White, clean facial skin free of acne is the desire of everyone since it is absolute thing to improve the confidence; men and women desire it. Moreover, it is common to attract the attention of the opposite sex. However, what will happen if your facial skin is full of acne? It will definitely ruin your appearance. Many people have lower self-confidence when they have this problem. When it also happens to you, you will definitely want to cure the acne. This time, I will give information on how to cure acne correctly until your acne can be completely solved.

Before you do something to cure your acne, you should know the cause of acne on your acne first. There are many factors causing acne on face:

Factor 1: Excessive hormone has a considerable role with the potency to cause acne on face.191749-169065-0-31327-893b391cc9c23ef0f9dcaa8ab5536542

During puberty of teenagers around 15-20 years old, the androgen hormone is usually produced naturally. When teenagers ignore the hygiene, there is higher possibility of acne. Hormonal factors in women during monthly menstrual cycle also affect acne, but the effect of that monthly cycle can be cured automatically when the cycle is finished.

Factor 2: Poor daily activities and lifestyle are factors to cause acne on face. The habit of drinking alcohol, smoking, and staying up late until ignoring rest time will cause stress easily; these conditions have potency to increase production of androgen hormone. The androgen hormone will increase the production of sebaceous glands on skin; if we have poor activities and lifestyle, it can increase the production of hormone. The produced oil will be clogged and the acne is formed.

Factor 3: We usually forget that some foods have ingredients with the potency to support the growth of acne, especially foods with high fat.

Factor 4: Lack of hygiene is one factor causing the acne; we often ignore it due to our daily activities. Dirt will always stick to our skin since it is clogged on skin surface and forms acne.

Factor 5: The genetic factor brings the potency of acne
; if your parents have acne, the activity of sebaceous glands of children will be more productive, but it does not always happen.

Factor 6: The use of cosmetics can trigger the acne; it is often happen in the use of face powder or the foundation with cream texture. Moreover, acne can appear when you seldom clean your face after using cosmetics.

Nowadays, there are many products or creams in the market offering solutions to cure acne and acne scars. However, you still must be careful in choosing a product since many of them have chemicals with side effects for long period and it will affect your health. You definitely do not want it happen to your body. Want to know safe products to cure acne? (click here).

Instead of the discussion above, we still have tips to cure acne and acne scars naturally, that can you do every day wherever you are; you need to do the following tips:

Drinking enough water
Drinking 8 glasses of water every day will maintain moisture and health of skin; it is a good suggestion to do.

Cleaning facial skin frequently
Cleaning facial skin frequently is done to prevent dirt and oil on face, especially when you use cosmetics. You must clean it before sleeping. However, cleaning face too frequently is also not good since it can stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum that can increase acne.

Keeping hair away from face
You should not have long hair or bangs hairstyle or you can tie your bangs. Hair has oil that can cause acne.

Not touching acne
Do not press your acne, especially with dirty hand. It increases sebum production and breaks the membrane under the skin, causes infection and more acne. Wash your hand with anti-bacterial soap before you touch facial skin

Treatment with potato slices
You can treat your acne with potato slices. It will make your facial skin cold, compress the acne, and remove the acne scars as long as you do it frequently.

Consuming vegetables and fruits
Consuming vegetables and fruits frequently is one of the best ways to cure acne and acne scars since vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins to make skin healthy, including vitamin E for skin.

Enough, regular sleep
Skin also needs enough rest. Enough, regular sleep can help our skin generate and remove dangerous toxin. We can wake up with fit and fresh body at morning.

Instead of some ways to cure acne above, the most important thing is to maintain healthy lifestyle with regular exercise to make your body relaxed, fresh, and free of stress. With some methods above, you do not need to spend more money to cure acne on your face. They are cheaper than drugs and facial creams and help your body look healthy. May information about How to Cure Acne be useful to solve your health problem.