Facial Treatment Method

facialsTips of facial treatment | Facial treatment is a very important thing, especially for modern women. The daily activities are the lifestyle that cannot be stopped and avoided. Moreover, there is a statement and stigma that beauty is white. Some women compete to do facial treatment with expensive price to make their facial skin white, clean, healthy, and fresh.

In fact, if they know suitable method of facial treatment to make it always clean and white, they must not spend much money for excessive treatments. Cleaning face can be done at home. Now, you are one of lucky women. Why? In this article, Dr. Rochelle, the skin expert, will share tips and secrets on how you can treat face to get all benefits from its beauty. You can read the explanation below.

1. Understanding facial skin type | The main thing that we must know in skin treatment is knowing skin type, whether your skin type belongs to dry, normal, oily, or sensitive type. When you know your skin type, it will be easier for you to choose product or treatment to use (click here) for, how to know skin type.

2. Frequent cleaning | When you clean your facial skin, you should use warmer water. It opens your skin pores, so dirt inside skin will be easier to be removed. After that, you can end the cleaning treatment with cold water. A very important thing is the choice of facial soap; you should avoid facial soap with detergent or hard formula for your skin. Soft facial soap is a suitable choice for your facial skin with natural oil or fat. If you have sensitive skin, avoid using facial soap with perfume or whitening substance usually found in soap since it can cause irritation on skin, (click here) for facial cleanser of DR Rochelle Skin Expert, the suitable products to clean your face for your daily activities.

3. Face moisturizer | The choice of moisturizer with water is suitable choice for tropical countries like Indonesia. The moisturizer can attract moisture from environment toward skin and keep it in skin. You must know that you must not use too much moisturizer for daily activities. Everything used excessively will not affect anything, but it brings negative effect. When is the suitable time to use moisturizer? You can do it after bathing or cleaning facial skin. The moisture from moisturizer can be endured in skin and give more optimal result for skin.

4. Sunscreen | When you do daily activities outside the room at afternoon, it is very important to use sunscreen to protect skin from UVA&B light exposure causing lowering skin function until 90%, skin cancer, wrinkle, and black spots on your face. You can minimize the outdoor activities or use cream to protect skin from 9.00 a.m. until 3.00 p.m. since the sunlight at that time really affects skin. If you are one of women who often do outdoor activities, don’t forget to protect your skin with sunscreen with Spf 15-30-50 for face and body. Instantly Perfect BB cream DR Rochelle Skin Expert (click here) can be used as one of choices to protect your facial skin.

5. Cosmetics | The use of cosmetics like face powder is addition to protect your facial skin from dirt. It will also give bright effect to your facial skin. Don’t forget to clean your face after doing your activities.

6. Facial treatment at night | Nutrition and treatment at night after daily activities are the most important aspects since the treatment process will support the skin regeneration more optimally during rest or sleep time. Use serum and night cream after cleaning your facial skin to give protection and treatment with complete nutrition to make skin healthy and fresh. Brightening repair night cream DR Rochelle Skin Expert (click here) can be used as your choice for facial treatment at night.