Curing Comedo

Cara-Cepat-Menghilangkan-Komedo-di-Hidung-Secara-AlamiHOW TO CURE COMEDO ON FACE | You must know that the main cause of comedo is the accumulating dead skin cells and bacteria trapped in the glands that produce oil in skin. In this stage, the infection happens. Actually, not all infections will lead to the comedo. When exposed by air, the oxygenation makes the structure look black and prominent on skin. It is the cause of comedo around your nose.

Perhaps, some of you reading this article have already known several discussions about the method to cure comedo easily at home. Perhaps, you have done several ways, including facial treatments for comedo or certain plaster to cure it. After you did all of them, the problem did not disappear, but it became worse than ever. Moreover, the wrong technique to press comedo with specific tools makes nose red and you fell pain. The effect still exists until days.

If you want to easily and quickly cure open comedo (blackheads) on your face, you can buy pore pack product. It is usually sold in the supermarket and drugstore. So, you can find the product easily and the use is very easy. You can follow the instruction on the package. Its disadvantage is that your blackheads will not be solved completely with the treatment.

Moreover, How to cure the blackheads with facial treatment of blackheads cleaning tool? Well, these tools are designed to make the opening process of blackheads easier. This tool is a pencil with two different tips. So, the tip is used to avoid the expanding scars, but you must know the correct technique to use the tools. Based on the general theory, you must direct the hole on tip exactly toward blackheads, then press it slowly without any excessive pain. The blackheads around nose will be removed without leaving any obvious scars.

Actually, when you do it, what you feel is more difficult than what you imagine. At this time, we try helping you to do more suitable steps and technique to use it. The first thing to do is to ensure that face, tool, and your hand are clean and sterile. Clean all left cosmetics with specific soap for face. Wash your face with warm, clean water. Prepare clean water in basin and boil it. After the water is boiled, use its evaporation process on your face. Be careful in bringing your face closer to the hot steam. Don’t let hot water touch you directly. Do it for 3-5 minutes until the blackheads on your face appear on your skin face. After you do it, did you prepare the sterilized cleaning tool before? Prepare a bottle of alcohol and cotton. Common skin cleaning method is not always able to kill all bacteria. If you work in unsterilized environment, infection will occur. It is very important since the skin pores will be opened during the removal process. If the skin still has bacteria, it will cause infection. You must pay attention to what you must do to blackheads cleaning tool. Don’t do the treatment violently, do it slowly and you will not feel excessive pain. Ensure that the hole on tip is directed exactly on the centre of blackheads. Press the tool above the skin surface slowly. Press it slowly until all of its content removed. Do it continuously on every blackhead on your facial skin surface. Don’t do anything to it for a while. Then, you can wash it and dry it. Use facial cream. Let your skin rest for a while. Follow this method frequently and the blackheads will be eliminated.

How to cure whitehead

The whitehead has certain characteristics that are different from blackhead; it is usually the structure of prominent white spot inside facial skin. White head does not appear only on nose. It is also found on cheek and forehead. The whitehead is difficult to solve since it is under the epithelium of your facial skin. If you have whitehead, you should consult it to doctors since the common methods will not be able to remove whitehead comprehensively.”

How to cure whitehead on your face? You cannot use random methods like plaster or facial treatment in general. It need specific techniques and treatments. It is recommended to visit doctors specializing in skin beauty. They can give medical treatments with specific facial treatment by opening the centre of whitehead a little. The whitehead is then pressed to remove it completely. The methods need more specific medical tools, so it is easier to use the expert.

Additional information to cure blackheads on facial skin

The removed blackheads on nose will change the skin texture since there is the scar on skin surface due to the hole. If you do it correctly, your natural, soft skin texture will recover gradually and you can do the periodic treatment after the blackheads appear again. Don’t let it grow. Your facial skin must be cleaned regularly, but do not do it violently. The cleaning tool for face is seldom too hard, especially for sensitive skin. When you feel acute drought on skin soon after you use cleaning tool for face, quickly replace it with other cleaning tools. Always use cleaning tools to keep hygiene and freshness of your skin and make it free of irritation.
As the additional tips, use products to recover the oil production on skin pores and make the pores smaller. A good product will reduce the excessive oil without making it dry or causing irritation. A good product will lift dead skin cells cleaned imperfectly by skin.

Moreover, not all products to clean face we know are really useful like what we mention above. However, controlling excessive oil production is the first method to prevent blackhead or whitehead. Use soft soap and water to clean face; too aggressive cleaning product seldom does not work better. (click here) to get soft facial cleaning products.