The Secret of Skin Beauty of Korean Women

BB cream Korea DR Rochelle Skin Expert


BB Cream | Some of you definitely know the beauty cream that becomes the phenomenon in Korea in which the beautiful appearance and bright facial skin of Korean women are the results of using that cream. It is achieved without make up since it only uses Blemish Balm cream or what we call BB Cream. In this article, we tell you a little about popularity, phenomenon, and secret of BB Cream. BB cream was invented by dermatology experts from Germany; her name is Dr. Christnie Schramek. That formula is called Blemish Balm and Indonesian people usually call it BB cream. If some of you ask me where BB cream comes from, I will definitely answer Germany. However, South Korea produces the similar cosmetics and makes BB cream popular in the country itself and other countries.

Formula of BB cream | It is very effective to cover and solve black spots on face, wrinkle, and acne scars around the face, treat the face, and give extra vitamin for facial skin. As the result, you will not need the combination of makeup. After you use BB cream, all of your skin problems will be covered instantly. You also need to know that Korean women have bright, soft, clean facial skin since they often treat their face. Therefore, you need to frequently treat your facial skin. Hopefully, you can get all of its benefits.

Thus, I present original BB cream for those who want it. You can choose facial care product BB cream Instantly Perfect DR Rochelle Skin Expert. This product is formulated and adjusted to skin of Indonesian women regardless to the raw material taken from original BB cream formula from Korea.

Instantly Perfect BB cream | Dr Rochelle Skin Expert | contains vitamin C and SPF 50++.
That can provide moisture in the tropical climate. It perfectly permeates throughout inner and outer facial skin, protects skin from sunlight. Its mineral can maintain the moisture. Get 3 benefits at the same, protection from UV + moisturizing + bright skin! Protection from sunlight that can damage the skin. You can also use it as cosmetics since it will not fade by sweat during your activities. Before you do your activities, you can apply instantly perfect as sunscreen that can protect your skin from UV light exposure (causing black spots on face).Click here Instantly Perfect BB cream