The Characteristics of Dangerous Whitening Cream


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As the consumers, it is very easy for us to find several types of face whitening creams in the market today. Unfortunately, not all face whitening creams are safe for long-term or short-term use. The consumers must be careful in choosing suitable products in order to avoid the loss in the future. This time, we will provide the explanation and tips to get safe products.

THE CHARACTERISTICS OF DANGEROUS WHITENING CREAM| There are several tips to choose the product to buy and where you can differentiate the dangerous whitening cream as the consumers. The characteristics are as follows:

  • The colour of white and yellow cream is to flashy and glossy; there are abnormal glitter granules seen. You should know that the colours of facial cream are always yellow and white, but the colour structure is different.
  • The texture of whitening cream that is sticky and looks separated and uneven with strong odour. The sticky cream is usually caused by the mixing of face powder and artificial cream, while the strong odour is used to cover the metal odour.
  • During the proses of using cream on face, the skin feels hot and the itchiness makes skin red like the skin of boiled shrimp.
  • As the result of using that face whitening cream, the skin becomes pale white and unnatural; the change of skin colour into pale white is the indication that the result is caused by the product containing mercury and colouring agents or something like that.
  • The face whitening cream does not have the license from Food and Drug Supervisory Agency; this agency is the state institution that is responsible to supervise the distribution of food and drug. As the important aspect for every product, face whitening cream must have the license from Food and Drug Supervisory Agency before the distribution since the agency itself will ensure the safety of the used product with its license. You should choose the facial care product with the notification of distribution license. Check the label on its package. If you are not sure about it, you can check the registration number of that product by visiting the official website of Food and Drug Supervisory Agency, and inputting the notification number on the category of registered products.
  • The result is achieved instantly, in a week.

The method of face whitening cream with mercury usually affects the triokinase enzyme in hampering tyrosine forming the melanin of skin, so we can find instant result; the skin becomes white and bright so quickly. The effect of using face whitening cream with dangerous substances can cause problems of skin health, such as skin irritation, itchiness, and pain by exfoliation, dermatitis, and acne; the worst possibility is skin cancer. The effect of dependence will usually happen during the use. The consumers are not tempted by low price of face whitening cream since the raw material of the quality product is not obtained easily. May this article and give solution and benefit for you.