Show The Inner Beauty


According to the experts, the beauty is basically from the inner beauty. Then, how can we show the inner beauty from ourselves? Read this article.

  1. Pay attention to your body| People seldom forget that the way we dress makes them beautiful. So, choose the dress that is really harmonious and able to cover 80%* of our body; it gives a good appearance on body. You should not only blame fat, low or thin body and other types of body; just think that the dress you use is suitable with your body. The fashion colour to wear will psychologically affect the mood of those who wear it. On the contrary, your mood will be shown with fashion colour you choose. At least, we should express ourselves.
  2. Gesture | Indonesian people actually have a good potency since Indonesian women are hard workers since a long time ago. Hard work is good, but the position should be maintained. Don’t let yourself do the work continuously since it will affect body shape. In Hollywood, there is a class to maintain the gesture when going down the stairs, coming out of vehicles, or posing to give a positive impression on gesture. This position will make our poster comprehensively, so we can look beautiful.
  3. Physical appearance | The physical appearance is important, by treating hair, skin, and body. Everything must not be done in expensive beauty shop or beauty clinic. For example, we can do it by shampooing our hair and choosing suitable hairstyle. We can also maintain our skin to make it always clean and fresh by using lotion or doing regular exercise to support blood flow. Sick people are never beautiful; with exercise, the hormone of happiness will be produced.
  4. Speech | Paying attention to what we say is very important. We should be aware of what we say. It is useless to have beautiful face if we say harsh words loudly and frankly. We should manage what we say, though people say words in different way; it can be slow, fast, hard, or soft.
  5. 5. Expression | No matter how beautiful you are, it does not look good with wrinkled face. In other countries, the expression is also trained. The expression is important and a good expression makes people look beautiful from the outside.
  6. Confidence | People must know beautiful people are those who feel comfortable with themselves. So, to feel beautiful, we must be confident with ourselves. Many people will feel confident if they have talent. On the contrary, to get high confidence, we must find the talent in ourselves. If the potency is not developed, the beauty will not appear since she feels that she does not have any talent. If something like this happens, the consequence will affect the environment, such as emotion, suspicion, and laziness to communicate. So, we need to find our potency to make us comfortable with ourselves and look more beautiful.
  7. Relationship with people around us | In the context of positive psychology, the relation with partner, family, and society makes us happy. People liked by other people around them will be happy. Actually, you do not need to do totok aura or any treatment to get happiness.
  8. Prayer | Doing religious activities will make us sincere and pleased. When we are more sincere, we will be calmer, more rational, and more peaceful; at that time, the beauty will be shown.

May this article be useful for you!