Determining & Understanding Skin Types

jenis-kulit-wajahDetermining & Understanding Skin Types | As the customers, you can understand and know your own skin type first since we often find that the skin type of every person is different. After reading this article, you will understand and know more about how to treat your facial skin correctly and at least you will know the suitable products to treat your facial skin based on your skin type. The details I write below are about how to understand and determine skin type; the skin types can be categorized into five types in general as follows:

  1. Normal skin type | The advantage for the owner of this skin type is minimum treatment; face with normal skin type will not look oily and dry. It is easy to know whether or not you have normal skin type. The simple way to prove it is with an oil paper at morning after waking up. Wipe it to your face; if the oil paper looks dry, you have normal skin type.
  2. Oily skin type | For the oily skin type, you can give extra treatment since the oil on your face can cause the blockage of dirt on your skin and it is easy to turn into acne. Therefore, a person with excessive oil can frequently clean her face after doing her activity. It is easy to prove this skin type. See your reflection on mirror; does your face look shiny and oily? Then, take an oil paper and paste it on your face thoroughly, do it again one hour later. If you find much oil sediment on that oil paper, your skin has oil. You also need to differentiate the oil produced by hormone or the facial moisturizer product you use.
  3. Dry skin type | The dry skin is caused by the lack of oil produced by sebaceous glands and some factors to cause dry skin type including the exposure of sunlight and lifestyle. As the advantage of dry skin type, it is very difficult for acne to grow.
  4. Sensitive skin type | For this skin type, you really need extra attention since the sensitive skin is seldom easy to get problem by dirt and sunlight. They make skin itchy and red. The choice of soft product will be better for sensitive skin type.
  5. Combination skin type | This skin type is the combination of two skin types, usually oil and dry skin types. The combination skin type is usually owned by many people. You have this skin type if the skin on your cheek and forehead is dry, but the skin on forehead and nose is oily. The best way to give special treatment for this skin type is the use of astringent or refresher for the oily skin and the moisturizer for dry area. You can also get specific product that can be used by all skin types.


There are several aspects that you must understand and know when there is a problem on your facial skin, so you can know how to solve it.

The spots and acne with small and medium sizes are often found on certain areas of skin. Does it usually happen before the menstruation in women? If you experience it, you have easy and medium acne problems due to hormonal factor. You should not worry about it since this problem will be solved automatically. You can get (click here) information about the cause of acne.

  1. If you have acne on some spots of your face with small size and you feel pain, you have severe acne problem. For that problem, you can cure it with anti-acne cream, (click here) information about anti acne products.
  2. Understand your skin problem, especially on nose, chin, cheek, or forehead when you spot obvious blackheads. For further information, (click here) information about How to Solve Blackheads
  3. When you feel the change of your facial skin into darker colour with dull look and new spots, this skin change is often melasma of hyperpigmentation spot that can appear in any skin area. It is usually caused by sunlight or hormonal fluctuation. In order to solve that problem, (click here) information about facial care product.

6.If you have skin problem around your eyes and it forms eyelids or black circle under eyes or what is called panda eyes, it will make your appearance worse. You will look listless, sluggish, and old. This problem is usually caused by the lack of sleep at night, fatigue, and unhealthy lifestyle. You can solve it by treating your eyes with cold water and the product to solve panda eyes, (click here) information about how to solve panda eyes.

You must be able to finish your daily skin treatment with suitable products for your skin type,
Remember that skin type is not permanent; if you used the suitable skin treatment products formulated well, your skin type would change depending on weather, hormone, stress, and the reality that the skin definitely changes. You must assess your skin condition when you find a change. May this information be helpful for you.